December 31, 2008

The Grandaddy of Them All

If you think this team is going to roll over for that over hyped NFL puppy mill living off the reputation of the class of 2005 you've got another thing coming.

They can say what they want but we all know they don't want to be there and they defiantly don't want to play us.

No big pep talk this week. After all the man already said it best years ago...

"Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things."

You better bring your "A" game Hollywood I guarantee we will

Fight on State!

December 13, 2008

Remembering Cappy

Since they presented the Heisman Trophy tonight it seems like a pretty good time to remember the only Penn State recipient. The 1973 Heisman Trophy winner Penn State Tailback John Cappelletti.

Joe Patreno once said "Cappy is the best player I have ever been around. He is strong, fast, durable and a great leader. You know he is going to come through for you when you need him."
We should all be so lucky to have a living legend pay us such a compliment.

For as much as Cappelletti is remembered as a legend of Penn State football for leading the Nittany Lions to an undefeated season in 1973 while accumulating 1,522 yards and 17 touchdowns. He will forever be immortalized for his touching Heisman Acceptance speech, dedicating the award to his kid brother Joey who was struggling with leukemia.

More than just a First-Class Athlete; a First-Class person.
But then again would you expect anything less form the school the gave us Success with Honor?

We Are

peace out yo

December 09, 2008

Of La Sfogliatella and Syntax Errors

I think its safe to say. Nittanyproudfoot Winter renovations are at an end.

The Nittanyproudfoot Information Technology/ Experimental Pastry Research and Development Division did a bang up job putting the website back together. There's a few little tweaks till every thing is back to hunky dory but it's safe to say regular posting returns shortly.

On the Menu
  • Spiritual Adviser and World Famous Sports Handicapper Father Dego Flat of St Byrle of Krakow Catholic Church joins us for The First Annual Nittanyproudfoot Bowl Game Extravaganza Preview Show (tm)
  • The Merits of placing 9,000 children in an old decrepit building
  • How the skills you learned from Sesame Street and Highlights Magazine could win you cool stuff while watching Hockey.
  • The Nittanyproudfoot: Junk You Should Buy for People You Like Holiday Guide
  • How you can belittle Pitt even months after their horrendous Sun Bowl loss to the Beavers of Oregon State
Holy Awesome Blogging Line Up Batman!
stay tuned folks

peace out yo

December 08, 2008

its the money pit of website reconstruction

Doing some renovating. Stay tuned folks.

November 19, 2008

kicken it up to 88

Heading up to State...chalk this one up as a phoned in post

I'm going to go ahead and call it now, Paterno will be back for his 46th year as head coach unless he's forced out by that joke who has an office in Old Main.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I'm still running my one man campaign to have the Land Grant Trophy (awarded to the winner of the annual PSU-MSU Game) renamed "The Ugliest Trophy in Sports"

Admit it people calling it "The Game for the Ugliest Trophy in Sports" is the only way this is ever going to turn into a legit rivalry game

interesting facts.....
145 years ago today Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address
43 years ago today Pop Tarts were invented
25 years ago today Penn State played Pitt
25 years ago today my parents had to push their wedding back by a few minutes so half their guests could listen to the end of PSU-Pitt game in the back of the Church.

That's all I got

I told you I was phoning this one in

Peace Out Yo and Lets Go State

November 09, 2008

Joe's is Proof

There is a God

Stick with me here, I've got proof.

The Penn State game comes to an end.
The phone at Nittanyproudfoot Headquarters is ringing off the hook as countless Nittany Loins need to be talked off ledges up and down the Eastern Seaboard.
Yours truly stumbles blearily into the bed room, turns off the lights, and sits quietly in the dark contemplating if it is possible for any of us to exist in a world were Penn State is 9-1..
An hour elapses.
The Nittanyproudfoot rallies, emerges from the darkened room, eats some cheez-its.
Thoughts of watching the Penguins game are quickly pushed aside when the prospect of seeing another sporting loss is considered.
It's time for a movie.
Ghostbusters? ........Nope
Rockey IV?.........Saw it yesterday
Joe's Apartment? .........Yes! Perfect!
Movie starts.....singing cockroaches......morale rising.
Jerry O'Connell steps off a bus.....apparently he is the aforementioned Joe.
Joe steps off the bus......and he's wearing an Iowa Hawkeye's t-shirt.

This is the sound of the Nittanyproudfoot's crushed spirit being ground into a fine powder.

There is a God and he is one twisted Mo-Fo.
Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to convert to Buddhism

We still Are.....Penn State

November 05, 2008

A Battle of Titans

Now that the annoying election is out of the way it's time to get back to what really matters. A topic that is so important that it has it's own Trivia Night Theme Song that goes a little something like this....
(set to the tune of that organ thingy they do at baseball games)

Sports Sports Sports Sports
Sports Sports Sports Sports

So what if it's not much of a theme song. This isn't much of a website. Hey people you get what you pay for and last I checked all I ever got from this site was loss of respect amongst people that read it and a box of triscuits (we'll go ahead and call that one a draw)

Anyway lets talk a little football both real and fantasy.

For as much as I'm looking forward to seeing Penn State back in action this week after the bye I think I'm even more pumped to see how badly Iowa is going to screw up the-whatever-color-out
they think is going to single handedly beat us this weekend. From what I understand it was green, then maybe black, and who knows they may throw some brown in there to form a nice color scheme that dosen't look completely unlike fecal matter. It's a very fitting color interpretation for the state of their football program.

But now we get to the real news of the weekend a battle for the ages pitting yours truly against that plaid hat wearing deviant from The 134 Lounge. A no-holds-barred fight to the finish (that's a good place to end) in both Fantasy Football and College Football Upset Prognostication. In commemoration of this titanic struggle I've had the boys down at The Nittanyproudfoot Art Division/Janitorial Service draw up a quick artist rendering of what this duel may look like.

Not Bad Guys; but I think Brian has a little more
hair on his back.

So the battle lines are drawn. In the 134 Fantasy Football League the pride of The Nittanyproudfoot, the undefeated Jack Ham Sammitch takes on the Lounger's very own Snakes on a Football in a high scoring debacle that will make a
Big Twelve match up look like....well Pitt playing themselves.

As for the realm of
Prognostication; I'll leave explaining that to the incapable hands of the 134 Lounge...

We are back in week 11 with our three biggest upsets to look for this weekend. Pat and Zack have both tried their hands at calling the shots, with Zack failing miserably and Pat getting all of his correct (I'm certain the NCAA will retroactively change the results of those games to their correct outcome once they realize their mistake). So now I've gone blogger again and recruited Matt from The Nittanyproudfoot to give his best random guesses as to who may or may not pull the heralded upset.

Now this week I'm going to pull a little trickeration and give him the double reverse end-around (Boy does that sound dirty. Mostly because it is.) and throw in my picks along with his to see who is the better guesser...er, prognosticator. So here we go.

1. (15) LSU (6-2) vs (1) Alabama (9-0)
Alert Status: Dangerous like Charlie Weis's cholesterol level

So Matt thinks this is the week for Bama to fall. I don't see it as I think LSU is the one of the most overrated teams in the top 15. Their D isn't near what it was last year and their offense is struggling. I will give them one thing though. They are playing in Death Valley. That place is probably as close to Beaver Stadium in terms of intensity and atmosphere and add in the fact that everyone in Louisiana hates that douchebag Nick Saban, and you have one hell of a hostile environment. Plus Les Miles is a crazy bastard who seems to always do something no one expects in big games to pull out the win. Ok, so I guess that's two things.

My Pick: (8) Oklahoma State over (2) Texas Tech

2. (22) Georgia Tech (7-2) at (19) North Carolina (6-2)
Alert Status: Palatial like Dave Wannestade's moustache

If there is one thing that I know about Matt is that he loves the flexbone offense. I 'm not even joking, he fucking loves the flexbone. You would honestly think he was a college coach from the 40's. So it's no surprise to me that he picked GT to take out the basketball-school-turned-basketball-school-who-attention-to-football-during-the-off season school North Carolina. Probably the only two teams I like in the ACC, which says a lot because I find ACC games to be almost completely unbearable to watch.

My Pick: (11) TCU over (10) Utah

3. (21) Cal (6-2) at (7) USC (7-1)
Alert Status: Fuckin crazy like Lee Corso

Why would you give that man a gun?

So I saw this one and I thought to myself, "Hey Brian. This one has potential.". Then I saw that they were playing it in the Colosseum where USC almost never loses. I'll give him credit, as he's got the brass balls to go out on a limb and pick it, but I'm not seeing it here. USC has the innate ability to lose games they never should, but unfortunately so does Cal, and the Pac-10 is pretty crappy outside of USC. And of course, Oregon State. In fact, if OSU wins out, they go to the Rose Bowl instead of USC. How sweet would that be? GO BEAVS!

My Pick: Actually looking again, I'm going to pick this one too. WTF, right?

Well Folks there you have it. A battle for the ages. Brother against douchebag.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sports, enjoy the sun, and if your feeling generous pick up a box of triscuits and ship it over to Nittanyproudfoot LLC World Headquarters in beautiful TubeCity Pa.

Peace Out Yo